For budding photographers

05 | 14

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For budding photographers

As photo enthusiasts – like many of you – we unveiled the new OMNI BSI functionality with the launch of our royal CINK KING phone. This feature provides better camera sensitivity, especially in low light, all provided by a more sophisticated sensor!

Always in pursuit of innovation to satisfy your wildest requirements, we added the MAGIC CAMERA application, which provides an introduction to photo editing and, let’s face it, perfect photos!
With this App, you can discover Smile Shot, a delightful feature that allows you to take photos of radiant smiling faces! The Face Beauty mode allows you to take perfect photos of faces, while the Cinemagraph function creates an animated image on a photo! Crazy!

The Eraser Mode allows you to remove unwanted background elements from your photos and, last but not least, Photosphere will link together a series of photos to create a 360° "panorama globe".

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