Smartphone Accessories

Here at Wiko we can offer you a wide range of accessories to protect your phones.
Because each of our smartphones has its own special features and design, we have created slim protective covers that are more subtle than ever, TPU covers for when you unexpectedly drop your phone, and folio back cover for optimal protection of your screen and an elegant style!
Our accessories are innovative and in tune with the times – just like our phones!
And because there is nothing better than our official covers to protect your Wiko.


To have the best experience , use the filters below to display the accessories that are compatible with your phone model.
Filters / Accessories
AUDIO DEVICESTurn up the volume and dance to your favourite jam! Enjoy a powerful sound experience with our audio devices, in pure comfort with elegant, distinctly European designs made for your dynamic lifestyle. For entertainment on the go, check out the wireless audio range.
PROTECTIONSProtecto from the unexpected in style! Our slim, protective covers have a modern, minimalist style and are tailor-made for each device, providing a snug fit. Choose from the quick access smart folios, tempered glass and more.
Here are our latest protection options. To display the models that fit your phone, please use the filters at the top of the page.