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Mobile phones today have so many added features that drain the battery life in no time but if taken care, battery can be conserved for a longer period by following these simple tricks:

  • Use dark colored wallpapers/themes and apps background instead of bright colors to conserve more battery.

  • Manually adjust screen brightness regularly as required. This is one major way to save battery..

  • Switch off your phone’s vibration mode as it takes more power to vibrate than to ring.

  • Do not use display auto-brightness because usually the screen is way brighter than you actually need.

  • Switch off your cellphone in case you are not using it.

  • Shorten the screen time-out so that your phone turns to sleep mode in less time to conserve more.

  • Turn off the unnecessary background tasks performed by your phone.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and Hotspot as repeated searches for signals will make your battery level drop instantlyli>

  • Disable push notifications for non-essential apps.

  • For the optimal performance of your battery, always charge it to 100% after it has completely drained out

  • Avoid over-charging your battery; do not leave your phone plugged in after your battery is completely charged as it reduces the lifespan of it


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